View Full Version : The water crisis and enviroment health

11-06-06, 21:25
If you want to induce mental meltdown, the statistics of the worsening global water crisis are a surefire winner.

Two-fifths of the world's people already face serious shortages, and water-borne diseases fill half its hospital beds;


Obviously a large part of water is consumed by agriculture, with industry being the second largest consumer and domestic use the last.
There is no quick solution to this problem, nor any solutions that will suit all, as each country in this world, even city or town, faces their own individual problems.
We also have to take into consideration the impact on our environments and ecosystems, and food resources;


Crops consume gigantic quantities of water, especially when the plant in question is particually reliant on human beings to make it thrive throughout its growth.
At the same time, various species of domesticated animals can play havoc with the environment and water supplies depending on the circumstances and situation. Some have suggested here that vegetarianism is good for the enviroment, but this is an extremely vague/broad statement that can hardly be accurately applied to many things.

How aware are you of your environmental impact? Do you own a dishwasher, washing machine or shower? Do you buy GM food products or own a compost bin/have a compost heap in your garden (do you have a garden)?
Where abouts do you live in the world?
For example in china, 90% of drinking water is used for farming and most of the farming water is used to irrigate rice paddies;


I think we should work more with our environments, and farm accordingly. I also think with our ever more consumer and materialistic lifestyles, with the rich becomming increasingly richer and more luxuaries in our everyday lives, we should do what we can in our homes and everyday lives to cut down on water consumption and negative environmental impact.