View Full Version : Germany makes biggest constitutional reform since 1949

30-06-06, 20:06
Deutsche Welle : Bundestag Passes Bumper Reform (http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,2074389,00.html)

The German parliament voted Friday to overhaul the federal system of government, marking the broadest change to the constitution since 1949 with what has been billed "the mother of all reforms".

The ultimate aim is to prevent the two houses of parliament, the lower house, or Bundestag and the upper house, or Bundesrat, from neutralizing each other, by mapping out more precisely what each side is responsible for.

The reform entails some 20 amendments to the constitution and is designed to streamline the country's cumbersome federalist system, making it easier to pass new laws and prevent gridlock.


The federal states will have greater powers to enact legislation on education issues, and they will each have their own autonomous civil service.

The states will also be permitted to introduce variable pay levels for government-funded professions, such as teachers. That element of competition could lead to some regions claiming to offer a better standard of education than others - with a potentially positive knock-on effect for the local economy.

From what the article says, I see these reforms as positive, as they will give more autonomy to the states and facilitate decisions at a national level - so everybody is satisfied !