View Full Version : Somali-born Dutch PM to regain citizenship as government is forced to quit

30-06-06, 20:21
Deutsche Welle : Dutch Government Brought Down in Immigration Row (http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,2074083,00.html)

Friday saw the Dutch Prime Minister tender his government's resignation to head of state Queen Beatrix after a controversy centered around a Somali-born former member of parliament who lied on her asylum application.
The reformist D66, the junior coalition party with just three of a total of 25 ministers and junior ministers in government, effectively pulled the plug on Balkenende's government when it withdrew its support in the debate over Verdonk's handling of the controversy surrounding the citizenship of Somali-born Islam critic and former lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
After enormous political pressure from parliament, Verdonk softened her hardline position on Hirsi Ali.

On Tuesday she announced that Hirsi Ali, who has since stepped down as a member of parliament and is moving to the US to work for a think tank, could keep her Dutch passport.

The move of Hirsi Ali to the US is a loss for the Netherlands. However it can be argued that she will be safer there after the nuemrous death threats she received from Dutch Muslims and the murder of Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker of her story denouncing the bad treatment of women by Islam.

Rastko Pocesta
29-04-11, 16:44
I agree that "Submission: Part One" is a great film depicting the real treatment of women in extreme muslim communities and I strongly condemn both death threats and the murder of Theo van Gogh, but let's look who he was. He was known for his anti-semitism and even misogyny. I recommend this (http://www.whatnextjournal.co.uk/Pages/back/Wnext29/Vangogh.html) article. ;)