View Full Version : Full European semi-finals at the World Cup 2006

02-07-06, 13:05
Brazil and Argentina have fallen. The semi-finals will oppose Germany to Italy, and Portugal to France for a 100% European best 4.

02-07-06, 22:07
hehehe....south american teams never do well in a world cup that is held in Europe....finally there will some silence in talks that say south american football is superior...

02-07-06, 22:14
I saw on TV that the Brazil fans have cried because they lost to France. Before the contest they were saying they would definitely beat France not a problem but yet...:auch: for Brazilian fans on this year's World Cup :football:

06-07-06, 00:58
France just won against Portugal not long ago and my neighbours were honking their cars driving around the neighbourhood. Too bad the Portuguese don't get to eat "rooster" this time!

Viva la France!:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

09-07-06, 23:26
Well Italy won.

after I heard my neighbours honking their cars and celebrating with fireworks. I said to my husband "Huh? Didnft' we loose?" He said "There are Italians here!" "Oh, so we got many Italian French neighbours then, well your dad would be please he is Italian French"!

Congratulations to Italy!:hanabi: :cracker: :confetti: :football: :beer1: