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10-07-06, 00:05
There was a “Presentation of the runners of the teams of the Tour of France” on Thursday June 29 at 18H30 until 20H30 in Terrace of Rohan Palate in Strasbourg where I live. It was one evening of spectacle prestigious to discover, which started from the quays on the terrace of the Rohan Palate. The 22 teams, made up of 9 runners, had embarked on high-speed motorboats which descended passed from the European Parliament to the Museum of Modern art. There was the sound of the brass bands disseminated on the course. They had marked a solemn halt on the scene with the colours of the Tour, installed on the terrace of the Rohan Palate, where they were presented individually at the public by the official announcer of the Tour, Daniel Mangeas.

Then there was the "Prologue of the Tour of France" on Saturday 1 Julliet started at 12H50 until 16h15.

7.1 km inside the town of Strasbourg. Departure of the first runner individual was at 12H50 in place of Bordeaux. Then in every minute there was a departure. Arrival of last runner was at Herrenschmidt avenue at 16H15. There were also other departures like the departure of the advertising caravan at 10H50 and the departure of passage of the patrol of France in the sky of Strasbourg which was at 12H40.

After, there was the 1st stage of “The Tour of France” commencing at Sunday July 2 at 12H45 until 17H15. The first departure was at 12H45 Western European time. The real departure was at the Road of Schirmeck at 13H15. The arrival was in "The Black Forest - place of Iceland "at 17H15. 183km of race starting from the city of strasbourg through to the Eurodistrict Strasbourg Ortenau and the department. There was more ceremonies regarding the youngest runner and it was at the places cathedral at 12H50.

Later they have the Animations of streets for the “Tour of France” on Friday June 30,Saturday 1 Sunday July 2 from 17H30 until 21H. After the effort, humour and comfort, in counterpoint with the exploits of the cyclists racings in the day, there was three evenings of relaxation with animations on the streets. There was "Yoyo the clown" and "Happy Stars" proposed in each evening, a very personal, and resolutely burlesque interpretation of the sporting world on the Kleber place. There were more performances in the malls of the center (Large arcades, places Gutenberg, Cathedrale sector, Petite France).

Departure of the 2er stage was in Obernai on Monday 3 July 228,5km. Departure of Obernai ( 25km in the south-west of Strasbourg) was at 11h40 and arrived at Esch - on - the Alzette 5 (Lux.) towards 17h.

14-07-06, 22:32
Well the Tour of france is now in South of France.The whole tour is 24 days they will finish in Paris.

15-07-06, 17:12
This is one of the few sport events that my father watches. I only wish there would be a bit more crowd control, especially in the mountains.

19-07-06, 14:19
What other sport events does your father watch?

20-07-06, 17:50
Rugby, usually when we beat the French at the six nations;-)

23-07-06, 02:40
Yet another win by an American! Too bad Ullrich was DQ'd, he would have had a great chance this year.

09-08-06, 00:27
Landis blames testing procedure
Landis has not been stripped of his Tour de France title yet
Floyd Landis claims his doping test was "fatally flawed" and says officials behind the process have an agenda.
Read the rest here:

I heard that...some Gallic authoritative members were wary when
Landis went out and humped 50 Gallic ladies forthwith subsequently the Post-Tour observances...