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20-07-06, 12:49
I just thought it would be good to have a thread where people could share their recommendations, because I like getting into new music. :hey: At the moment I am enjoying finding out French and German music. :-)

If you have not already heard them, I recommend:
Samsas Traum - German, quite unusual/distinctive heavy sound but not really 'heavy metal', difficult to put in a category. :)
Dimmu Borgir - melodic symphonic metal with excellent drumming and nice guitar solos. :cool:
Mylene Farmer - famous French singer, pop with a bit of a twist.
Ralph McTell - British guitarist/singer, in the folk vein.

20-07-06, 17:59
Ralph McTell - British guitarist/singer, in the folk vein.
"So how can you tell em you're lo-o-o-ney
And say for you that sun don't shine":D

For French artistes my favourite is Jean Michel Jarre and I also like Vanessa Paradis, especially her first album, bought on Vinyl. (God, am I that old?)
Also like The Sugarcubes and, by default, Bjork. (Icelandic),
Army of Lovers (Dutch) and Enya (Irish) and the mighty Abba

01-10-06, 07:40
Savage Garden anyone?

I've recently been revisiting "oldish" songs and I'm re-appreciating Savage Garden at the moment.

... I hope I'm not off-topic since they were an Australian duo.

12-10-06, 11:42
^ It's funny you should say that, because a few months ago I got their song "To the moon and back" stuck in my head... and the following day I heard it playing in shops no less than 3 times, after not having heard it for years! :mad: I think that's a pretty good song. :)

I've been getting into French guitarists Christophe Godin and Patrick Rondat recently, on a recommendation. :cool:

15-10-06, 12:26
Savage Garden you say...
I know them...When I was teenager I heard songs as "I want you" or "Truly madly deeply" with a pain in my hearth because my first love has left me...
Aahh...Sweet Thoughts...

Now my favourites are Tom Waits, Buce Springsteen, David Bowie, Lou Reed.

29-10-06, 15:40
Hmm, can't say I listen to a lot of new music, but I do like to listen to music.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers still get me going, Nora Jones, Christina Aguilera songs, etc. It just depends on the mood.

30-10-06, 17:42
Christina Aguilera has a good voice imo. :-)

At the moment I'm pimping my pal's band! The 21st Cherry Boys! :cool: :D (and I'm gonna do some work with them, so they'll be The 21st Cherry Boys feat. Kinsao, in the future! XDD... :blush: )

If anyone is interested in listening to Samsas Traum, I have their song on my Myspace profile (http://www.myspace.com/kinsao). :p

Recently I've been digging out my old Alice Cooper CDs. :cool: ^_^

11-08-09, 16:42
For those who are interested in folk metal stuff, I'd like to introduce WEEPING TWILIGHT (Slavonic folk doom metal) and the band's latest album "Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byloha" ("Sprouts of Memory on the Ruins of the Past").
Please, check WEEPING TWILIGHT's myspace and/or lastfm pages... unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post links yet :ashamed2:

^ lynx ^
23-12-09, 23:33
Aqualung (USA).

Cambrius (The Red)
30-12-09, 04:49
The Killers, Maps, Ladyhawke.

^ lynx ^
05-01-10, 05:53
The Killers. :good_job:

05-07-10, 11:40
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Mathew key
15-07-10, 09:46
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11-06-15, 04:29
Thanks man!! :)