View Full Version : Turkey increasingly disgruntled at the West

20-07-06, 21:53
BBc News : Turkish anti-West mood 'rising' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5198290.stm)

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has warned that moderate Turks are becoming anti-American and anti-EU.

Mr Gul said many Turks were embittered by the US' support for Israel's actions in Lebanon and by Turkey's problems in joining the EU.
On the EU accession talks, Mr Gul said failure to resolve the dispute with Cyprus was "poisoning" the process that was formally launched in June.

Cyprus has threatened to veto the Turkish bid unless Ankara officially recognises it and opens its ports and airports to Greek Cypriot ships and planes.

But Mr Gul said Turkish lawmakers would reject such proposals unless the Cypriots also lifted their veto on any direct trade with the Turkish Cypriot government in northern Cyprus, which is not internationally recognised.

This is not good. I hope they do not draw too quickly the line between US and EU, as both entities have often shown conflicting opinions in global politics.

However, as much as I want a solution to be found for Turkey to join the EU in due time, I just cannot accept that it joins without recognising Cyprus, which is an EU member. Naturally, Greek Cypriots shouldn't block trade with the Turkish Cypriots, and should even be forced by the EU not to do so.