View Full Version : Finnair's Cute Panda Bear Commercial

23-07-06, 23:33
Finland’s Finn air is publicizing on Television with an animized, adorable panda bear journeying departing from Finland to NYC, Paris and China. They selected the panda as their choice because Finn air now has many flights to Asia. It is true that using Finland to fly to Asia from Europe is not further than other places. It is probably the most soothing way.


Anybody else like this commercial?

27-07-06, 00:14
Too bad Finn air is not with "Star Alliance". Blue 1, another Finnish airline is. Finn air is with "One World", yet our memberships with one world are quite low of status in comparison to "Star Alliance."..

But my husband and I still love the commercial...! :love: :cute:

30-07-06, 17:37
I flew with Fin air to China last year, I must say it's a good company, not too expensive either :)

11-04-14, 13:34
yeah its really amazing

19-09-14, 14:00
It's a very reliable and safe company. Highly recommended. Finnair has been avoiding Ukrainian air space since May. Many other companies ignored that.