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26-07-06, 12:12
Expatica : Half of Belgian HR managers keen to recruit expat workers (http://www.expatica.com/source/site_article.asp?subchannel_id=24)

Almost half of Belgian HR managers recruit workers from abroad or are planning to do so in the future, a new survey revealed on Tuesday.

The survey ― carried out by online recruiting specialist StepStone ― revealed two-thirds of Belgian HR managers look for expat workers in France. More than half of them also look for workers in the Netherlands.

British workers are also popular in Belgium: 40 percent of HR managers who look for new employees abroad also look for workers in the UK.
Meanwhile, the survey showed Belgian workers are also successful abroad. If Dutch companies recruit internationally, half of them look for workers in Belgium.

Some 15 percent of HR managers in the UK, 13 percent in Italy and 12 in Germany look to recruit Belgians, newspaper 'De Morgen' reported.
That occurs especially in Scandinavia. More than 70 percent of Norwegian HR managers recruit in Sweden and 50 percent look for staff in Denmark. Just 13 percent of Norwegian HR managers recruit in the Netherlands and 8 percent in Belgium

Interesting to see that workers from neighbouring countries are popular all over Europe. Benelux countries, like Scandinavian countries, are so keen on recruiting staff between each others that it looks as if the Benelux was one country, and Scandinavia another.

30-07-06, 12:45
Very true...from my internship that dealt with going around many of these companies stationed here i noticed that the staff were quite international. Not just belgium, but also in the Netherlands.