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05-08-06, 22:55
Vandalism is a crime that affects everybody who sees it or is victim of it. Graffiti may seem harmless, but they ravage the beauty of historic cities and buildings, cost millions of euros to government and individuals to clean up, and can certainly have a more or less serious impact on people's mood (who likes to see spary paint on a magnificient stone edifice ?) and sense of security (graffiti are justifiably associated with gangs or bad boys).

Personally, I wish that government would do more to tackle the problem of graffiti in badly affected cities (Brussels, Paris, Berlin...).

I wish vandalism could be made a crime as serious as drug trafficking or counterfeiting of money.

I would like to see special police forces trained to catch vandals. They could wear civilian clothes, and maybe even dress like bad boys, in order to approach them without raising suspicions. Some places are especially popular with graffiti makers, like station areas, and commercial centres at night (e.g. on shop shutters). These are good areas to start patrolling.

How do you feel about graffiti and vandalism (e.g. destroying windows, telephone boots...) in general ?

Ma Cherie
06-08-06, 00:10
Personally I can't stand graffiti, I could care less how creative it is. I believe it's a form of vandalism. Living in Kansas City, graffiti is accepted in certian areas of the city. The urban areas, the police in these areas do nothing to stop this vandalism. But in the most upscale parts of the city, if graffiti was written on a public place, it's gone the next day.

I really cannot stand seeing graffiti or spay painted letters in parks. Especially on park benches, because it's open to the public and someone decided to ruin it. Some people just don't have any respect for public property.

06-08-06, 00:30
I don't like graffiti either. They make things look crappy. It should be taken more seriously as a crime.

I think it's fine as long as it's on the walls that are meant to be decorated with it, but most of them are just destroying public or private property.

06-08-06, 14:20
Yeh, some of the most beautiful buildings and art are decorated with this "outlaw art", it's really bad. :kaioken:

08-08-06, 16:47
Most of graffiti just looks really crap. :okashii:

Occasionally there are some rather beautiful examples though...

I can't help liking them even though in the main graffiti is just really annoying. :blush:

Vandalism is always crap. :angryfire:

08-08-06, 23:41
Intentionally destroying public property is definitely not acceptable and it is not art to me.

15-08-06, 17:51
I really like graffiti.

I'm against vandalism.

12-05-09, 12:24
I really like graffiti if it's nice and in right place.

15-05-11, 21:39
They should stop graffitis in Public places, But graffitis looks very good in Metro places...When you sit in Metro for long time its good to see something.

15-05-11, 22:05
Possibly along with graffiti painting would equally well in oil, but why the rest of us impose their shit works? are fascist culture, which only and in most cases stamped his signature anywhere, perhaps for the observed members of their particular clan, marking territory like a dog when you lift the leg, please pick up your shit graffiti.

16-07-11, 22:21
Graffiti is shit. It isn't art. It's filth.
Those clowns don't have talent.

It's the work of idiots behaving like dogs that piss on every corner to flag their territory!

I agree with Carlitos, I just tried to tell you what he really meant.

22-07-11, 13:36
I personally think that there should be dedicated places for graffiti art in urban areas. Moreover, I don't think that everybody is in a position to produce quality graffiti. However, sometimes graffiti may serve as a self-expression of protest and it is hard to control or regularize that type of activity by administrative power.

In fact, I've seen places were one needs to "prescribe" graffiti to make it look nicer :), therefore, when we discuss graffiti's legitimization, it is definitely up to urban context and should be case sensitive.

22-07-11, 15:05
Well, it's a general idea not to disturb what you don't own.

So painting walls that you don't own is disrespectful.

However, in some cases, it's done to protest against a dictator.
In that case it's the only hope for a better future.

Modern graffiti has nothing to do with that. Just ego tripping!

30-10-11, 14:45
We have a serious problem with graffiti in the UK, and the most infamous culprit/vandal is the individual known as 'Banksy'. He apparently sees himself as an inspired 'artist'. Speaking personally, his 'work' does not provide me with a glimpse of eternity. I would like to see him captured and tarred and feathered in public.

20-02-12, 21:14
I have mixed feelings towards graffiti. I'm aware that some of them are fine art indeed, but 90% are crap and cost quite a lot of money to be cleaned out. It is disrespectful to paint on someone's property as you have said or even on ancient ruins and old buildings , so I guess that there should exist public places intended for public graffitti expression so graffiti painters don't need to vandalise.

28-02-12, 18:45
Yes I also like to the grafitti, but one thing that I didn't like that is we should not to use it at the public place...

06-03-12, 23:08
I understand some of the graffiti is rather well done however it is where it is done that is the problem. I don`t like seeing it on walls as I go about my business or on public transport. I like to look at clean buildings ,even if most are rather dull. When I want to look at art I can go to the gallery!

22-04-12, 12:29
Hello,my name is Álvaro and I'm from Barcelona.

First of all,it's true that graffiti makes historical places look bad.For example, some vandals write the signature on a monument. I think they should only do this in other places which are legal, for example, areas where people are allowed to practice their art.
However,I don't think that they have to be punished in the same way as someone who deals drugs because graffiti doesn't lead to someone getting injured or killed.

Finally,I think that some of the possibles solutions could be to make them pay a fine or clean up the graffiti.

01-06-13, 20:36
I hate graffiti. It's one of those situations that I would like to shoot the perpetrator.

11-02-14, 19:21
dont like it

11-02-14, 19:45
I think graffiti is one of the few things that would justify giving the police a "shoot to kill" order.