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24-08-06, 12:08
According to Expatica (http://www.expatica.com/source/site_article.asp?subchannel_id=25&story_id=32489), France is planning to ban smoking in public places from 1 Januray 2007. Other countries with a smoking ban in public places already in effect or to take effect soon include Belgium, Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Sweden. However bans vary from country to country :

Bans in restaurants, bars and clubs

Denmark (since 2007)
France (since 2007)
Malta (with exceptions)
Spain (places over 100 m2 only)

Bans in work places


Bans in public transports and stations

France (since 2007)
Sweden (since 1983)

Bans in all/most other enclosed public spaces

Denmark (since 2007)
France (since 2007)

Interestingly, "eco-friendly" Germany (one of the countries with the biggest proportion of 'Green' in parliament) doesn't seem to have banned any kind of smoking yet.

24-08-06, 19:31
Just a little point. Smoking in public places is already banned in Scotland and soon to be introduced into England and Wales. A far as I am concerned it is a good thing. It means I can go into pubs and not be bothered by smokers in the future.

28-08-06, 21:23
I can't wait until we have the ban on smokin in all public facilities..bars/restaurants clubs and all. I really hate coming home and finding the stench of smoke stuck everywhere on me...my hair my clothes and not to mention my lungs.

31-08-06, 11:18
Well, smoke doesn't bother me, but I have a few friends who have asthma, and although it's not normally bad at all, it means they couldn't enjoy a night out in town much. So I guess this is a good thing. :-) It's still ok to go outside to smoke; I suppose most bars and workplaces will get a shelter put up eventually; some of them already have.

01-02-07, 22:13
I made a map (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/maps_of_europe.shtml#smoking_bans) to visually summarise smoking bans in Europe. The lighter the red, the more widespread the smoking ban is. It is surprising that a progressive country like the Netherlands has not implemented any ban yet. Maybe the Dutch are too liberal...

19-08-09, 00:24
add turkey to that list too:P

i hope one day smoking will baned from world.but not with laws,by people himself

05-12-09, 20:27
It's interesting to note that a major British pub chain - JD Weatherspoons - have just announced the creation of 10,000 jobs and their chairman says the no-smoking ban has actually improved business by encouraging families to visit.

Cambrius (The Red)
06-12-09, 03:28
It's interesting to note that a major British pub chain - JD Weatherspoons - have just announced the creation of 10,000 jobs and their chairman says the no-smoking ban has actually improved business by encouraging families to visit.

The same thing is happening in other countries as well...

06-12-09, 12:46
The Belgian parliament has decided this week that smoking will be completely prohibited in all hotels, restaurants and cafés in 2014. The law currently does not apply to hotels and allows some exceptions for cafés that do not serve food. This will be over in 4 years.

25-02-11, 11:29
In Greece smoking is banned in all public indoor places but you will always find people smoking illegally

Michael Folkesson
25-02-11, 16:17
What seems to be the main reasons for this being difficult to enforce in Greece, Marianne?

26-02-11, 01:23
And Serbia several months ago passed a strict law banning smoking.

Smoking ban takes effect

11 Nov 2010. A smoking ban that restricts smoking in public buildings and workplaces was imposed in Serbia today.

The law bans smoking in all public buildings and imposes strict restrictions in offices, business premises and restaurants.


26-02-11, 23:26
Hmm.. Just saw this pop up.

Yes. Smoking ban on all the areas Maciamo mentioned also in The Netherlands.

But, as always, there are some little pubs where smoking is allowed.
The main issue is employees don't have to work in a smoky environment.
If there are no employees, and only the owner runs the pub, he (she) can decide for himself (herself).

01-03-11, 09:16
i dont smoke, but i hate to be alone inside the bar while friends are smoking outside. i believe it could be better if smoking was allowed in the bars.

24-03-11, 01:50
Strangely we arrived among the firsts in this law...I remember that it entered into force in Italy a lot of years ago...Well done!

13-05-11, 17:30
Where will people smoke in the future? As a smoker, I find it very annoying that other people's intolerance is more important than mine. Maybe I'm intolerant of your non-smoking. Maybe I'll make a pub that bans non-smoking. Lots of things are bad for you, drinking is one of them. First you ban smoking, next they're going to ban drinking in restaurants and bars.

Tobacco is turning out to be some sort of "illegal drug" that you've got to hide in a corner of your house and puff away. I know smoking is bad for you, but if you smoke in moderation, it's not the EVIL that people make it out to be. Let the kids go to family restaurants, when I go pubbing or go clubbing, I want to do so with a cigarette in my hand.

11-09-14, 11:45
Smoke reminds me past but however, it's lethal. I won't use.

11-07-16, 07:38
Well, that is a good step taken for the betterment of human health.