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31-08-06, 01:00
I'm learning French in school, and I was thinking about learning some more than they teach in school. I know that the sentence order is the same as English most of the time. I have a textbook, so that helps me. Umm, maybe we should practice French here.
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Tommy. J'ai 13 ans. J'aime nager, faire du ski, et parler au téléphone avec mes copains.
i hope that's right O.o! That's some French i know, but I copied the talking to my friend on the phone from my book... XD
can anyone help me?

31-08-06, 08:39
The linguistic forum is a place to compare languages and analyse them, not a forum to learn languages. We currently do not have any such languages on Eupedia, so I will move this thread to Chit-chat. :)

01-09-06, 04:41
Well, why don't you add one? And it says "to discuss and learn europian languages"