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31-08-06, 05:27
I decide to open this thread to discuss the trends in European music and its character in general. What we consider today to be classical music has its roots in Europe and the vast majority of composers were European. The rock movement as well seems to have heavy European undertones, U2, Oasis Rolling Stones, and not to mention the Beatles. Europe seems to be the craddle of pop as well, spice girls, take that, backstreet boys ( they were originally musically grown in Europe before moving back to the US). Conversely 90's dance had heavy european influences, la bouche, dr. Alban and many more. And now to electronica. Europe seems to reign supreme in this area after classical music. The world's best DJ's are European. Dj Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, ATB and many many many more. Electronica ( using this as general term for house, dance, trance, techno and what not) also sprung in Europe with Bands such as depeche mode and continues to this day with bands such as Daft Punk, Goldfrapp and so forth. Though Europe lacks behind in the hip hop/rnb ( the urban music ) sphere if you will it seems to have the top seat in other genres though arguably the music industry today is under the dominion of US media giants, Warner, Universal and not to mention MTV. Also europe seems to be the first to come up with new genres or experiment more ....any ideas on why that is? Does Europe have a more special bond with music than other continents are is it simply because we are the oldest continent and the vibes resonate within our dna ?

31-08-06, 11:14
Now, that's very interesting! :p
(And Europe is also the 'cradle' of gothic music and a lot of recent goth-industrial :cool: )
I've often thought that perhaps European music just seems diverse and experimental to me because it's what I know most about. :?
But it seems that it does have a wide influence on other parts of the world - which will often take influences from their own rich traditional music and combine it with European influences to come up with something else again, which is different but still influenced partly by Europe.
On the other hand, European musicians will draw their inspirations from music from other parts of the world, too, so it works all ways. :p
Thinking from a historical perspective, European countries between them had a lot of colonies in the past, which would enable better communications in an age when communication wasn't so easy as it is now... possibly that could contribute to influences getting passed back and forth? :?
European countries were pretty 'dominant' within the world, so it's natural their influences would spread. Now, with the internet and better communications, I think there will be a gradual mish-mashing of influences from all over the world, as different types of music become more accessible.
Also, as Europe contained some of the most wealthy countries, at one time, perhaps this provided more resources for manufacturing different types of instruments (including electronic), whereas other countries had to 'make do' with more 'primitive' types of instruments? :?
Asia has a very old and rich musical tradition of its own; however as you mentioned the modern music out of Asia, while still having its distinctive sound, also takes influences from European music (the 'newer' genres, I mean). Although we take influences from their music too, so it works both ways. :p
However... there are some things... for example... blues originated in America with the songs of the black people, and combining with forms of jazz and changing... and this is basically one of the main origins of rock music as we know it today... so I guess you could say that rock was originated in Africa via America, re-exported to Europe, combined with European stuff and then re-re-exported back to America again as rock... :mad: