View Full Version : Personalised bank cards and stamps

31-08-06, 13:43
In Belgium, it is possible to make your own stamps based on any picture you want (as long as you own the copyright). => Belgian Post : Personalised stamps (http://www.post.be/site/en/letters/postage/special/mystamp.html)

Some Belgian banks (e.g. Dexia (http://www.dexia.be/Fr/Particulier/Pay/ByCard/CustomCard/)) now propose to do the same with your debit card (Maestro/Cirrus). You can thus pay in shops with a card with picture of yourself on it (which also make it easier to find you if you lose it), your pet, some beautiful landscape or building, or just anything you want (except copyrighted materials like celebrities or comics characters).

What do you think of this system ? Is it available in your country/state ?

31-08-06, 17:22
I think we can get personalised cards, although I'm not absolutely sure because I never investigated it. And maybe it's just some companies that offer it. We can't get the stamps, though. I think it's a pretty cool idea! (Except I wonder how they know whether or not you hold the copyright to the image? :? )
I like things like that, it's these little things that make the trivia in life that bit more fun. :cute: Like the way you can get funky designs put on your keys... although come to think of it, I've never bothered with that service either. But it's a nice idea!