View Full Version : Who do you talk about controversial issues with?

01-09-06, 12:31
There is an old saying that one should never discuss "sex, religion, or politics" at the dinner table. In fact, some say those topics should always be off the table for discussion any time, any place.

I disagree. As for the dinner table, that is usually the only chance many modern families get to come together throughout the day. Should people just discuss those topics that have little meaning in the overall scheme of things? My family for example hates it when I bring up any of those three hot issues. They quickly move to shut the discussion down. Sometimes I wonder if I was intellectualy starved growing up. I mean, who can enjoy just talking about the weather, job, crime, or sports? My family may touch on hot issues, but once the surface is scratched and beliefs become challenged, the topic is shut down.

Thank God my wife enjoys talking about everything and hasn`t changed in that regard since we were going out (some couples become non-talkers as the years go by). Don`t know what I`d do if she were like my family growing up.

Friends on the other hand -- it is touch and go. Some will talk on those topics and some will avoid them. Personally, I wish everyone were able to talk without boundaries which limit talking points. I guess that is why I like the internet -- you can always find people who are similarly interested in discussing the controversial issues.

How about you? Can you discuss deeply those hot issues with friends and family without having them shut them down? Or do you follow an understood etiquette and avoid certain topics?

01-09-06, 12:50
I don't talk. :bluush:

Seriously, living alone I don't sit down at the dinner table with anyone any more.

Sometimes I talk about controversial (social/political) issues with my work colleagues as it's occasionally part of the nature of my work. I can also talk about them with friends. :cool:

Sometimes when I'm with friends we just want to relax and talk about stupid stuff :p but we can have serious conversations too sometimes! :blush: