View Full Version : Confess your usual writing errors.

01-09-06, 12:58
Sometimes I will go back to older threads I posted in and read some of the posts I wrote. That is when I usually come across writing errors that I am always embarrassed about when they pop up. I try to type fast and I geuss that and a failure to proof read my posts are the main reasons for my errors.

The ones I commonly make when writing fast or when I fail to proof read are those words with the same reading sounds but different spellings such as:





There are a few others but can`t think of them at the moment. As I encounter them I will add to the list.

What are yours?

01-09-06, 18:41
Nun. I em purphict at my righting skeels.

30-07-10, 15:51
its and it's. I try to work on were/we're/where and the others too. I ain't properly edumacated nor nuffink but I does the book learnin, loves English and gets by as best as I can. Death to txtspk! Hope u agree. Excuse me while I wretch....:confused2: