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03-09-06, 19:59
I am starting this thread for members to post on true stories depicted in some form of screen drama. Please, when describing the film you are talking about, don`t give away the endings -- unless of course the story is so famous everyone knows about how it ends (e.g. Flight 93).

Just last night I and my wife watched "Open Water" (http://www.openwatermovie.com/). I have to say it is one of the most captivating and heart-wrenching true stories I have ever seen depicted. I was terrified because it really sucks you into it and lets you to be able to imagine yourself in their situation and what did, would, or could possibly happen.

A couple take a tropical vacation to Australia and plan a little "diving time" into their experience and soon they are in for the fight of their lives as the dive boat leaves them behind in the water. Soon unwelcomed visitors are circling.


Has anyone else seen this one? If you haven`t, be sure to check out the trailer which you can get from the link above. Check out these short blurbs (http://openwaterfilm.com/) from critics recommending it as well.

13-10-11, 11:12
Thanks for the nice sharing here :)