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09-09-06, 01:15
Le Dernier Combat (1983) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085426/)
Cast: Pierre Jolivet, Jean Bouise, Fritz Wepper, Jean Reno, Maurice Lamy, Jean-Michel Castanie, Christiane Kruger
Director: Luc Besson

Very interesting B&W movie; it has no spoken dialogue but is effectively edited, so you don't need to hear them speaking.

Dutch Baka
09-09-06, 06:10
Luc Besson is great, and I love his movies! I will have a look for this one the next time I am in the Video store, even though I don't think they will have it here in Japan haha

10-09-06, 00:29
Oh, I know. I remember how long it took for good movies to come to Japan.
Maybe you can watch the trailer at least?

10-09-06, 02:06
some of my favorite are the 5th element and also danny the dog...the latter is one of the best movies that an action star has done...real acting by jet li in this one...i highly recommend it

11-09-06, 09:00
I am a huge fan of both French and Italian films.Luc Besson is one name I recognize,have seen quite a few of his works in the past.

There are several memorable French films I've seen.Camille Claudel,Story of H and Queen Margot with Isabelle Adjani plus Widow of St Pierre.

^ lynx ^
09-12-09, 19:59
Leon The Proffesional was his best movie, by far. I love that movie.

15-12-09, 13:47
Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely see the movie, European productions can be very artistic!

15-12-09, 20:03
I think Luc Besson is an under appreciated genius. His sense of beauty in music, visuals, architecture, is outstanding. Also humor, story telling, and mood creation connects deep down with mine. Too bad only 5th element and Leo the professional is accessible through my local Block Buster movie rental. But I can watch these over and over just for the visual and music beauty, like a great piece of art.

19-09-12, 23:51
I enjoy his movies but they are of a James Bond type which enjoy.