View Full Version : Caserta Palace, Napoli

28-09-06, 17:39
I saw a documentary on Rai 1 about the Royal Palace of Caserta (http://www.ambientece.arti.beniculturali.it/guida_reggia/Xenglish/index.htm) in Naples, and I have to say that I was quite impressed, despite my fairly good knowledge of (North-West) European castles. I haven't been to Napoli yet, which is both a shame and an explanation to my surprise.

Anyhow, this is the largest 18th-century building in Europe. I cannot think of any bigger palace in Europe or in the world actually. The main facade has 37 windows on 5 stories (that's about twice longer than Bucking Palace in London). The whole building is a rectangle measuring 247 x 184 m. The king of Naples even built a gigantic aqueduct over dozens of kilometres just to supply the garden's fountains. Amazing.

The interior of the palace is even more surprising by its luxury and elegance.