View Full Version : Who are your favourite Belgian comics scenarists

01-10-06, 12:29
My favourite comic scenarist is Jean Van Hamme. Any of his series is thrilling and addictive. The most famous are

- Largo Winch : a handsome, young and adventure-thirsty man of Yugolsav origins inherits the fortune and conglomerate of a distant relative, who happens to be one of the richest and most powerful American businessman.

- XIII : a man known as "XIII" because of his tatoo, is amnesic after an accident. Although he cannot remember his name, identity or recognise anyone, his exceptional physical and mental abilities are intact. Who is he really ? A US government agent ? A spy ? A terrorist of the IRA ?

- Thorgal : the adventures of a Norse man, who in fact has extraterrestrial origins. I like it less than the others, maybe because it is older and mixes science-fiction and heroic-fantasy.

I also strongly recommend "Les Maitres de l'Orge" and "Wayne Shelton".

My second favorite scenarist is Jean Dufaux. His masterpieces include :

- Giacomo C. : the fascinating life and intrigues of Giacomo Casanova in Venice.

- Double Masque : in Napoleonic Paris, a mysterious young man has been forced to wear a mask and hidden from society since his childhood. Who is he really ?

- Murena : the life of Roman emperor Nero

- Djinn : a young English woman, the grand-daughter of a famous courtisan of the last Ottoman Sultan, investigates the life of her ancestor in the harem, the mysteries and intrigues of the court, and is determined to find the mythical treasure of the Sultan.

- Niklos Koda : adventures of a modern European spy in the lines of James Bond.

I don't like all of Dufaux's comics, for instance "Les Rapaces" (a vampire story). There are other which I haven't read yet, like "Jessica Blandy", "Santiag", "Jaguar", "La Complainte des landes perdues", or "Les Voleurs d'empires".

In third position, I would go for Stéphen Desberg, author of the superb "Le Scorpion" and the no less captivating "I.R.S.". The former is set in 18th-century France, Italy and Turkey (so far) and revolves around the cruel and unscupulous Pope of the time. The latter, as its name indicates, is about a (very special) I.R.S. agent playing the James Bond against big time crooks, drug dealers, terrorists and other high-profile criminals. Recent releases from Desberg looking also very promising include "Black Op" and "Rafales". I haven't read his other books, such as "Jimmy Tousseul", "Tosca" or "Mayam".