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Ma Cherie
07-10-06, 08:19
Didn't really know where to post this thread.:sorry:

A documentery came out a few weeks ago in the US called Jesus Camp. Even though I didn't have the chance to see it, I saw some of the trailers and I had found so many things wrong with what I saw in them.

Now I'm going to go hide in my closet. (j/k kidding of course)

But I think you'll understand why, then maybe not.:blush:

07-10-06, 17:09
This looks kind of scary. They talk complain about Muslims preachers radicalising the young and then they go and do it themselves. It appears that Islam and Christianity are attracting more fanatics recently and becoming more and more insular.

08-10-06, 00:34
From the trailer, it looks creepy yet interesting. I have to watch the whole thing to have an opinion about it.

It is hard to think it as a certain way from clips of scenes, you know.

05-09-10, 04:53
I abhor religious fanatics of all persuasions and the Christian fanatics are especially obnoxious where I live. They hang out at intersections waving anti-abortion and anti-gay placards and try and force their literature on people waiting at traffic lights. I personally do not care what religion a person chooses to practice or not practice. I just don't want them proselytizing to me or trying to force me into their beliefs.
As far as I can see the biggest problem with religious fanatics is that they have no tolerance for anyone different than themselves.