View Full Version : The weather or people; which puts you in bad mood ?

18-10-06, 14:23
Mood is something more unstable in some people than in others. Many things can put you in a bad mood : fatigue, music you don't like, annoying people, problems, stress, bad weather...

I was wondering which of these 2 factors, bad weather or people whose presence disturbs you, puts you more easily in a bad mood or irritable state. Imagine you are in a crowded metro (or bus) and a lot of people around you stink, look dirty, are ugly and maybe even scary... Would this have more effect on your mood than foul weather ? It does on me, despite that I am quite sensitive to weather change.

18-10-06, 16:58
Easy one, "people" definitely.
Living in a climate where the four seasons are winter, still winter, thaw, and construction(these are what people here joke about, we do have nice fall and spring. ;-)) taught me how to adjust and cope with the severe weather.

Although, I've never been hit by a hurricane or a tornado, and it's hard for me to imagine how much stress they cause on people.

I guess I'm more picky with people especially if I have to be around them for a long time. I get stressed out when someone is being rough with objects, freaking out over easily fixable problems, or chewing my ears off with gossip. On the other hand, some people put me in a great mood, too.

18-10-06, 18:10
People. I am easily frustrated by people.

The weather, not so much. I love rain. I don't like snow, but it doesn't put me in a bad mood, except when I have to shovel the sidewalk and scrape the frost and ice off my car windows.

19-10-06, 00:18
I would say people but it also depends on my physical condition, if I am sick I am not really in my best shape to socialize, I talk strange when I am sick. Yes certain people are very aggravating and annoying and being around them can get me in a bad mood. But I do have self-control and I try to be as polite as I can.

19-10-06, 13:23
I think that people more easily put me in a bad mood than weather does.

My attitude to the weather tends to reflect what my mood is already. For instance, sometimes it feels lovely and cosy to lie awake and hear the rain. Or I feel all carefree and joyful to take a walk in the rain. :) But if I'm already depressed, I'll look on the rain with a jaundiced eye and feel that little bit more gloomy. ¬_¬ Similarly, bright sunny weather can sometimes give me an oppressed, down feeling, but if life is good, then it seems like the best weather in the world! ^^ For me, every type of weather has its enjoyable side. ;-)

I'm not easily put in a bad mood by random anonymous strangers, such as in a crowded train or metro. It tends to be the people closest to me who put me in a bad mood. If they say or do something that's upsetting to me. If I argue with them. If I think someone doesn't like me any more. The usual things, y'know? And of course, if something bad happens to one of my friends, or they are depressed for some reason, that puts me in a bad mood too. :(

30-10-06, 20:57
Well, people can adjust themselves, the weather can't :p But I still think people annoy me more than the weather.

30-10-06, 23:03
I was wondering if the heavy presence of the people I described in public transports in Brussels is the reason why all the Belgians who can afford it have a car. In Tokyo there isn't such problem, so most people, even rich, use the metro. In Brussels taking the metro indeed puts me in a very bad mood compared to any other metro I have taken before, and compared to any weather. My wife feels even stronger so. A survey in 2002 showed that 35% users felt that the Brussels Metro was unsafe (see article (http://www.expatica.com/actual/article.asp?channel_id=3&story_id=4892)), although incidents are rare. It confirms that the problem is we the atmosphere (bad feeling) rather than actual danger. Sometimes I am the only European in a (crowded) metro carriage (at least outside peak hours).