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21-11-06, 16:11
Schengen agreement assures passport-free travel throughout Schengen area (Old EU minus UK, Ireland + Norway, Iceland).

It is prerequisite for a one of EU's fundamental freedoms- free movement of people. When enlargement in 2004 took place it was estimated that new member states would be able to join by autumn 2007. The date has this September been moved for possibly 2 years; officially due to "technical" problems. Countries like Slovenia, Czech rep. and Hungary protested since a hefty sums of money went into securing the external EU border. In Slovenia, a country of 2 mio people and 600 km long border with Croatia, number of police officers increased by 10%.

What is your opinion about that.

21-11-06, 17:28
It is absolutely necessary for new member states to keep a tight control on their borders with non-EU countries before joining the Schengen Zone, because otherwise just any illegal immigrant could enter the whole Schengen area as their is no passport check once you are in.

08-11-07, 21:48
Little update : 9 of the 10 new member-states who joined in 2004 will enter the Schengen area on 21 December 2007. Cyprus was excluded because of the border issues between the Greek and Turkish parts.

So after all, the date originally planned was not postponed by two years. Officially autumn ends on 21 December, so that's probably why they chose that date, so as to be "on time".

21-12-07, 13:07
It's done. The Schengen area has been extended to 9 new member states (all those who joined in 2004, except Cyprus) and now counts 24 states.

Switzerland is also expected to join in November 2008. Ireland wants to join, but can't if the UK doesn't, because they already have a Common Travel Area between them. Cyprus also wants, but can't because of the issue with the Turkish North (although this should be solved in 2009). Romania and Bulgaria are set to join only in 2011. The only country that does not want to join the area is the UK. Note that Iceland and Norway were already members since 2001.

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29-12-09, 19:04
Map about the Shengen area
Full Schengen member states
Associated Schengen member states
Members (not yet implemented)
EU member states which apply only some Schengen laws

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29-12-09, 19:09

EU member states
Special visa-free provisions (Schengen Agreement, OCT or other)
Visa-free access to the Schengen states for 90 days
Visa required to enter the Schengen states
Visa-status unknown

29-12-09, 23:39
I like the diagram with the flags. It's the first time I see it and it's really easy to visualise all at once.

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03-03-12, 23:06
before I start talking

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Romania and Bulgaria are not ready to join Schengen. It would be a big mistake to let them enter Schengen now.

27-08-13, 10:35
What about Kosovo - are they entering Schengen??

27-08-13, 11:53
When they enter, it will be the end of Schongen :)