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06-12-06, 11:47
VRT News : Smokers in for a shock (http://www.vrtnieuws.net/nieuwsnet_master/versie2/english/details/061205_ciggies/index.shtml)

Belgian smokers are in for a shock. Starting June 2007 all cigarette packets will also include photographs of the damage cigarettes do to the human body.

The first photos are just being put on packets. They include images of what damage smoking can do to your gums and teeth as well as pictures of cancer tumours.

Other photos show a man behind bars in the shape of cigarettes as well as an image of open heart surgery.

The photos are intended to shock and encourage smokers to pack in their habit.
In all there are 42 different images.

I recognise there the Belgian way of doing things. :D Click on the link above to see samples of these shocking pictures.

07-12-06, 22:18
And here is the video from Euronews (http://euronews.net/create_html.php?page=detail_info&article=394733&lng=1#).

Sensuikan San
11-12-06, 09:18
Whilst I agree with your sentiment that smoking is totally ill-advised (I would never encourage it of anyone!) - I am a smoker.:blush:

But we've had those cigarete packs in Canada for about ten years now ....

.... didn't make a damn of a difference! They're considered a joke.