View Full Version : First "legal" cannabis plantation opens in Belgium

13-12-06, 17:49
VRT : "Legal" cannabis plantation in Antwerp (http://www.vrtnieuws.net/nieuwsnet_master/versie2/english/details/061212_cannabis/index.shtml)

"Trekt uw plant", a local non-profit organisation in Antwerp, opened a cannabis plantation this morning which it says is "completely legal." In Belgium, cannabis plantations are against the law, but the organisation says it has found an answer.

Belgian legislation concerning the growing and the possession of cannabis is not clear (see also below) but in practice, growing one single plant is not being punished.

In the new Antwerp plantation, every single plant has a different owner. "Trekt uw plant" (see below) argues that this means that they are not doing anything illegal.
Press attendance for the official opening of the plantation was overwhelming.

This is a typically Belgian way of side-stepping the law. If growing one plant per person is legal, then why not allocate a different owner for each plant of a plantation ? Good thinking. Part of the purpose of the plantation is to demonstrate to lawmakers how ambiguous the law is, which again is a very Belgian way of communicating between the people and politicians: getting heard through (mild) provocations.

14-12-06, 00:30
Well, better to make it legal than having to spend tons on anti-drug raids.

13-03-07, 02:51
Well, better to make it legal than having to spend tons on anti-drug raids.

I agree. It's less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.
There's been no repeated scientific studies to prove the great dangers the
government always claims about cannabis. They always seem to drag out or cite one or another supposedly scientific study that has never been repeated, or peer reviewed or whatever.
And I don't even smoke!

But that is an awesome idea.
In the US, in Wisconsin at least, it used to be that one had to have the proper Stamp for your cannabis. That is, paid a stamp tax saying you have bought the cannabis (or some such arrangement). If you do not have the stamp, you get a fine for having the substance as well as not having the Stamp. I believe that is how it was first made illegal in 1937 as well.