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25-12-06, 22:46
This is how could have translated the words of a French TV presenter, if the translator hadn't known the content of what was to follow. The TV presenter was in fact going to introduce the audience to a small village near Cahors (South-West France) called "Montcuq", pronounced exactly like "mon cul", or "my arse" in French.

I guess that the English equivalent would be "Maya's" (from the Spanish, Russian or Hindi female given name "Maya").

-"Is that your shoes ?"
- "No it's Maya's."

- "Can I kiss you on the cheek ?"
- "If you kiss Maya's first."

04-01-07, 12:34
You tease, Mac! There was me thinking that your mate had finally emailed you those new year's eve photos... :blush:

Tis funny, though... Montcuq... :giggle: It's nice to find out about some of those funny/embarrassing placenames in other European countries too.

20-03-07, 00:13
Better still, there is another French town called Condom (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condom%2C_France), in the same region of Midi-Pyrénées. And to push the pun even further, the local river is called "Baïse", which without the diaeresis (baise) means "f*ck" in French.

Montculq and Condom are less than 100km apart from each other.

Other unfortunate names in the same region include :

- Baraqueville : "hovel town"
- Decazeville : no meaning, but sounds a bit like a slang mix of decadent and occaz (for occasion => "second-hand")
- Casteljaloux : "jealous castle"
- Castelmoron : "moron castle", only funny for English speakers

In another region, north of Avignon, there is a town called "Suze-la-Rousse", which sounds like "suck the red-haired (woman)" in French.

17-11-13, 19:53

And what about these italian locality names:

Belsedere (province of Siena) = "nice ass"
Orgia (province of Siena again) = "orgy", of course
Ramazzano le Pulci (province of Perugia) = "they swipe the fleas away"
Po di Gnocca (province of Rovigo) = "a bit of pussy"

17-11-13, 22:21
There's a village in Canada, in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, called Dildo. Strange, but true. I've never been there, but I imagine the womenfolk tend to be a cheerful lot.

18-11-13, 00:16
Just the thought of that city name puts stars in my eyes.....belsedere and dildo XD

18-11-13, 00:17
I must say; the name of this thread is quite provocative

29-09-17, 14:21
In my dad's dialect they drop the o in the word culo. When he came to the United States in the 1970s, he really got a kick out of people using the word cool to describe things.