View Full Version : Over 90% of Spanish and German euro banknotes contain cocaine

25-12-06, 22:56
Simply amazing !

BBC News : Cocaine traces 'on Spanish euros' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6208877.stm)

Traces of cocaine can be found on 94% of euro banknotes circulating in Spain, a study has suggested.

Analysis of notes from a selection of Spain's major cities showed that each one carried an average of 25.18 micrograms of cocaine.

Spain has one of the highest rates of cocaine use in the world, with about 475,000 regular users, El Mundo newspaper reports.

BBC News : German euros 'full of cocaine' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3021194.stm)

Almost all euro banknotes circulating in Germany contain traces of cocaine, German researchers say.

Cocaine users commonly use a rolled-up banknote to inhale the drug through the nose, and experts say such notes can contaminate the cash system in cash counting machines in banks.
"The concentrations of cocaine on Spanish euro notes were almost a hundred times that of what we recorded in Germany,"

If each Spanish banknote really contains an average of 25.18 micrograms, it only take 40 banknotes to scrub to get 1 gramme !

So if you see someone tapping euros into a container, you are what they are trying to achieve... ;-)

Ma Cherie
26-12-06, 23:23
How could something like that happen? :?

27-12-06, 21:34
Actually 40000 notes for 1 gram :)

I've heard this same for US Dollar notes.

28-12-06, 01:00
Actually 40000 notes for 1 gram :)
I've heard this same for US Dollar notes.

Oops, read milligramme. :bluush:

10-03-08, 18:08
Ifd assume possessing and planning to distribute cocaine would be the slightly greater sin since it spreads out more to other people, thus damaging more people and helping them end up in drug rehab centres or dead.:okashii:

27-03-08, 11:07
It is true for the US dollars. I saw a documentary I think a year ago or so where they tested several bank notes from different banks and cities and all of them minor traces of cocaine. :)

28-03-08, 02:24
It is true for the US dollars. I saw a documentary I think a year ago or so where they tested several bank notes from different banks and cities and all of them minor traces of cocaine. :)

Why would cocaine be used in any currency?

I can't figure out any reason whatsoever.

19-05-08, 16:43
You roll a dollar bill up to form a tube, then pour the cocaine out in a white line on a hard non porous surface, then place the dollar bill in one nostril and use the index finger of your spare hand to close off the other nostril and snort up the cocaine, this will leave traces of the narcotic on the currency.

Or so I'm told.

^ lynx ^
06-05-10, 22:37
Depressing news but not unexpected.

Spain is the main entrance to Europe for two of the biggest cocaine suppliers in the world: Colombia and Bolivia.

23-05-10, 10:33
The cocaine was probably transmitted through the contact with other bills after the consumption of the drug. We don't know the significance of the factors but 25µg is a negligible amount, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

26-01-11, 00:15
Indeed Spain is one of the countries with the highest consumption of cocaine. The problem would be eradicated if the drug is legalized in Spain, as most of the cocaine sold is adulterated in the best with lactose in the worst products more harmful to health, may do more damage to the adulteration cocaine itself, since normally a gram costs 50 € and the best purity is only 40% in the worst 5%, even consumers who are changed to be more speed economic find that speed is the most adulterated drug in Spain.

The more affluent people can get pure cocaine with higher rates, more money, of course!

The problem in Spain is not the drug is the adulteration of the drug.

We have associations such as Energy Control receiving state subsidies for drug users can take their doses are tested, luckily many people analyze before using, as in the streets of Spain is not selling cocaine, you're selling poison since a good part of legal or illegal immigration is dedicated to the trafficking and sale of drugs and without any qualms.

This is not want to accuse immigration to drug trafficking in Spain, but due to the crisis, many of these immigrants are involved in drug trafficking, others do it since I first put one foot in Spain, is in any neighborhood store lids, which makes any ordinary neighbor realize and see with their own eyes during daily life and sold the drug at night or in broad daylight, which for years did not happen. But this year they are hunting a large number of traders and camels, they seized the accounts and properties, also spent a few years ago, police curiously matches so successful that the Spanish government needs money, presumably.

With the legalization of drugs would end all the problems associated with the world of drugs, crime, extortion, kidnapping, murder, white slavery, drug adulteration, etc.

24-03-11, 02:05
I think not only in Spain and Germany! I remember something like this heard about Italian banknotes too...

16-03-14, 13:05
I am quite surprised by this.

However, I do not agree with others about drug legalisation, they should not be legalised. In fact, the world would be a much better place if alcohol and tobacco were banned as well.