View Full Version : French architect designs first flying hotel

19-01-07, 01:12
A team led by French designer and architect is working on a project of "floating hotel" in a dirigible.

The concept is to create eco-safe tourism, aimed at replacing big, polluting concrete hotels on natural or historical sites.

Airships do not need big engines like airplanes as are kept in the air by lifting gas (helium in this case), so that the engine is only used to "push" the dirigible in the right direction, then let it glide on the air like a whale in the sea.

Another major advantage is that it can take off and land vertically, and so does not require an airport or particular landing field.

Tourists would thus not need a traditional hotel anymore, nor road infrastructure, airports, and of courses fuel-consuming vehicles and airplanes.

This flying hotel could take tourists to the desert, the Amazon forest, tropical islands, or just about any location, without caring about the infrastructure.

This project is conceived for about 30 rooms, with vast common areas, restaurants, bars, and even a night club. Rates should be comparable to that of "regular" luxury hotels. It is scheduled to be launched in 5 years.

19-01-07, 17:14
Wow, that sounds really cool! I'd love to stay there! :happy:

04-03-07, 23:32
I always wanted to ride in an airship....it would be surreal to be staying in a room but suspended in air..... def something to experience.