View Full Version : What language is this??? please help

22-01-07, 12:05
Hello. I recently got this comment in my blog from an unknown person. I thought I should know what the comment says before aproving it. Could you please help me?? I have no idea what language this might be.

It goes like this:

"Zita zelierai sequeu waggioua ref os kakustir wilhar tutrai. Fordisco seiroblo kawagemandol zan yo lib. Gram yor, crudeverdt! Mi il, mediunga!"

I hope someone can find the meaning. Thanks!!!

22-01-07, 13:38
It is probably not a real language. I googled a few words, and none gave any result.

11-02-07, 18:02
Hmm I agree, I think it's a fake. However, it also looks like a Scandinavian language.. ..maybe it's slang, and therefore probably not on google?

14-02-07, 03:08
Maybe the letters are jumbled up through out the entire sentence?

or a fake language like said above. They're probably just trying to confuse you. Because, I'm sure they don't even know what it means either.