View Full Version : Metaphors for political parties

28-01-07, 14:51
I find it amusing that Belgian politicians (Francophone, at least) have metaphors for any political coalition at the federal, regional or local government. There are 5 main political colours in Belgium :

- The Liberals
- The Greens
- The Socialists
- The Christian Democrats
- The Extreme Right

So, a coalition between Liberals and Socialists is called a violette (violet). On between Liberals, Greens and Socialists is called Arc-en-Ciel (rainbow). A Green, Socialist and Christian-Democrat coaltion is an olivier (olive tree). An alliance between Socialits and Christian Democrats is referred to as "Rouge romain" (Roman* red). The Extreme Right has been boycotted for any coalition by other parties.

* the "Roman" might be a reference to the Roman Catholic values of the Christian Democrats.

I think that such metaphors are also used in Italy.