View Full Version : Sweden to open world's first virtual embassy

30-01-07, 11:35
BBC News : Sweden plans Second Life embassy (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6310915.stm)

Sweden is opening an embassy in the internet fantasy world called Second Life - the first country to do so.

The project is being run by the Swedish Institute - a promotional body which works alongside the foreign ministry.

Institute director Olle Waestberg said the virtual embassy would reach many young people and provide information about Sweden.

Second Life has about three million users worldwide, who create and develop virtual characters - called "avatars".

Several real-world companies have created virtual shops in Second Life.

As usual Northern Europe stands at the forefront for adapting the state to modern lifestyle and technologies. Virtual reality games certainly are a good means of cultural promotion. After all, Japanese culture wouldn't be a tenth as popular as it is without video games and anime (two industries related to each others).

30-01-07, 14:59
I've heard about this, apparently, the site in the US has made over hundreds of millions in real doller! But, virtual embassy sounds like it could be a helpful world for those who will be traveling.
The concept I vaguely can grasp doesn't seem particularly new with so many video games, just like "Second Life", have been out there, but it seems to attract many adults.
Here is more story on Second Life.