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How to recognise the region of origin of Italian family names ? Easy, just look at the suffix. Here are a few common ones from North to South.


-ero/ario (e.g. Barbe-ero, Molin-ero, Sobr-ero)
-esio (e.g. Gorr-esio)
-audi/aldi (e.g. Grib-audi, Ramb-audi)
-asco (e.g. Com-asco, Cev-asco)


-asco (e.g. Com-asco, Cev-asco)


-ago/aghi/ate/ati (e.g. Air-aghi, Arcon-ato, Gess-ati)
-atti/etti (e.g. Ors-atti, Giorg-etti)
-di/oldi (e.g. Sol-di, Garib-oldi)
-ingo/inghi/enghi/engo (e.g. Martin-engo)


-igo (e.g. Bardar-igo)
-acco (e.g. Acco, B-acco, Bazz-acco, Biss-acco, C-acco, Feltr-acco, Pol-acco)
# ending in -l/n/r (e.g. Cana-l, Mani-n, Carre-r)


-otti/utti/ut/ot (e.g. Bertol-otti, Bias-utti, Gregor-utti, Danel-ut,, Franz-ot)


-ai/ini (e.g. Ast-ai, Boll-ai, Fornari-ini)
-uoli/aiuoli (e.g. Acciai-uoli, Casci-aiuoli)
-ingo/inghi/enghi/engo (e.g. Martin-engo)


-au (e.g. Bidd-au, Mad-au)
-as (e.g. Cann-as, Pir-as)
-u (e.g. Cafedd-u)


-isi (e.g. Tro-isi, Pugl-isi)


-isi (e.g. Tro-isi, Pugl-isi)
-aloro (e.g. Fav-aloro, Orgli-aloro)

Let's also note that 40% of Italian surnames are patronymic (from a given name), 35% are topographic (place name), and the remaining 25% are pseudonymic (nick name or descriptive).

Sources (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognome)

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veneti ending surnames

Cognome che finiscono con:
ato (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_ato.html) aio (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_aio.html) ito (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_ito.html) acco (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_acco.html) otto (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_otto.html) igo (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_igo.html) l (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_l.html) r (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_r.html) n

http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/informazioni-sui-cognomi.php (http://venetoedintorni.it/cognomi-veneti/che_finiscono_con_n.html)

also have lin, as in santolin, guidolin, paolin, and others

Lombardi also have otti and lini

Friuliani also have gher
Trentini also have er, ch, ( as in Rech and others)

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Hello everybody,

You might be interested in this website:

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In ancient China, family name is in the beginning , the female ancesteress 's 'Identifier", which is writen always with a "radical ',standing for the female sex [女+生=xing: 姓,the left part functions more or less as a determinative , it is never pronounced but is an identifier for a class of female related, and the sign on the right stands for 'grown', being born ,life . which means everybody is born out of a female .) male descendents have no names , and inherited from their mother's clan name and only later , male acquaire '氏‘, more like a given name becoming a patronymic name .

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one finds that a lot of the male gods or heroes in greek mythology have names ending in sus,sos, theus, thus,us,os, don, and one can find that the place names in the east Aegean sea, close to Turkey, have such place names ending in 'os'.

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and the heros have, it seems , only given names and without a family name or surname . Am I right in this respect ? this seems to be a very old tradition .