View Full Version : Belgian beggars earn more than Belgians on social security

05-02-07, 19:49
VRT News : Belgian beggars given more (http://www.flandersnews.be/cm/flandersnews.be/News/070205_cheeky_beggars)

A large-scale study by researchers from the Sint-Aloysius Economic Polytechnic in Brussels has revealed that the Roma gypsies who beg on the capital's streets make an average of about 350 euros a month. This compares to an average monthly income of 900 euros for Belgian beggars.

Two thirds of the beggars in the capital are Roma gypsies.

The remaining one third is made up of a large group of Belgian beggars and a smaller group of foreign beggars from various countries.
Most beggars are to be found in the capital's busy shopping streets. A total of around 265 beggars regularly work the streets in Brussels.

900 euro (nearly 1200 USD) a month in average for Belgian beggars; that's more than the average dole for unemployed Belgians, even with a family at charge. If they beg everyday, that's an average of 30 euro per day, which is believable (e.g. 30 people give a 1 euro coin every day).

It seems that all the gypsy beggars in Brussels are concentrated along the two main shopping street (Rue Neuve and Avenue Louise) and around the Sablon Church (antique district). Belgian beggars are usually found on Boulevard Anspach (near the town hall).