View Full Version : The new absolute weapon : the satellite laser

13-03-07, 20:30
The first headline at the evening news of the Belgian channel RTL-TVI tonight could be summarise as "Star Wars : no longer a fiction".

China and the USA are now competing for the dominance of the sky, with the new technology of ultra-powerful lasers equipped on satelites. Such lasers would be powerful enough to destroy missiles or tanks anywhere in the world. A US airplane equipped with such a laser will soon be operational.

The major advantages of the laser are its speed ("light speed", nothing faster), its low cost compared to traditional explosives, and the fact that it can be pointed from a satelite to any target on earth.

The newscaster explained that within 10 years wars will be conducted with laser weapons, making airlines, missiles and armoured units obsolete.

This situation is rather scary as anybody, any vehicle, any ship and about any building could be almost instantly destroyed anywhere in the world just by pressing a button.

Your thoughts on this ?

14-03-07, 04:15
World domination, and nothing less.

The US is supposedly signed onto an outer space treaty that prevents the weaponization of outer space.
Furthermore, it is written directly into the US constitution that all treaties signed, become the law of the land.
For every treaty US administrations unilaterally break, they also violate
the US constitution. Criminals have run the US for years. I am very sorry world. Criminal oligarchs run the world. They are losing their grip on the world and it is causing them to lose their minds. Their greed makes them desperate.

all in all,
more war is always bad news, unless you can profit from it today,
more resources that could be used for some actual good instead flushed down the drain to make some wealthy fart wealthier.
they might even believe their wealthiness was ordained by god or some
sort of 'only natural' thing.