View Full Version : Paris-Strasbourg-Frankfurt TGV line to open

15-03-07, 11:27
The SNCF annouced the imminent opening of the new TGV-Est line. The first section will be inaugurated on 10 June 2007 and should connect Paris to Strasbourg in 2 h 20 min instead of the current 4 hours. In the second phase, the total time will be reduced to 1 h 50 min.

The TGV-Est line will also branch off toward Reims (45min), Luxembourg (2h), Frankfurt and Basel (3h20min), among others, roughly cutting in half the journey time of regular train lines.

The TGV Est already made the news on 14 February 2007 for beating a new world record of speed during test runs, 553 km per hour.

08-04-07, 02:53
I heard they want to connect all major European cities within 3 hours of each other via super fast trains ie tgv, thalys etc.. as to also cut the carbon emissions. In fact a train traveler on lets say brussels - paris emits 1/10 of the carbon dioxide as his fellow traveler would do in a plane over the same distance.