View Full Version : Over 60% of failure at Belgian driving tests

02-04-07, 19:08
Passing one's driving licence in Belgium isn't a piece of cake. Due to the country's bad stats on traffic accidents, tests have got even tougher over the years. 5 years ago, 56% of Belgian candidates passed their (practical) test at the first attempt. Now they are under 40%. Some examination centers are reputed for being harder than others, with failure rates of over 75%.

Passing a driving exam is becoming almost as hard as to pass university exams in the first 2 years.

Unfortunately, like for university, the legislators have not yet understood that harder tests won't help improve the statistics.

In the same way as entry exams for university would instantly improve the situation, if lawmakers scrapped some stupid traffic laws, that might do more to reduce the number of accidents than toughening the tests.

One notorious example is the "give way to the right" rule, a relic of the past that few countries aside from Belgium still use, and which causes hundreds of accidents each year. Foreign drivers, unfamiliar with the peculiarity of the Belgians system, being so numerous in Belgium, the "give way to the right" rule makes it even more dangerous.

Sources : VRT : New driving test gets bad marks (http://www.flandersnews.be/cm/flandersnews.be/News/070402_%2Bdriving%2Btest)

08-04-07, 02:55
Haha,, well it's much better now than before when one didn't even need a driver's license. Although I think that having to pay the 800-900 euros for a regular driver's school is also a bit too much.