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29-05-07, 22:00
Posting this here in hope someone would have the answers - googling didn't help :/
Me and my japanese fiancee are living in UK now, but his visa is expiring this summer. We allready had extension for it last winter for 6 months, but now he should leave the country and come back again to get another 3 months as a tourist. (we are prolly going to move in autumn)
Is it enough if he just visits another EU country, i.e. is it enough that he just leaves from UK, or does he have to go all the way back to Japan?
He wants to visit my family in my country in scandinavia this summer, but it's financially and timewise difficult for him to also travel to Japan.
Of course we'll inquire from officials as well, but in the meantime (its night time here and offices are closed) some experiences and advices from you guys would be great.
Thank you!

30-05-07, 00:33
As the UK is not a member of the Schengen visa zone, just going out of the UK (and get a stamp on his passport as a proof) is enough. So a little weekend trip to Brussels or Paris by Eurostar will make the trick.

Otherwise you could apply for a partner/fiance visa. I believe the UK has the kind of thing, as long as you can prove that you have been living together for some time. As you are an EU citizen, it is basically the same as if you were British in this regard.

31-05-07, 00:41
Thank you so much, Maciamo! Again you were a big help - people can always trust you!


31-05-07, 11:03
You're welcome ! :-)

23-04-09, 21:37
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