View Full Version : Anyone learned Aiola?

26-06-07, 00:13
It is a auxiliary language based on Germanic and Latin basiced languages.

It is supposily THE EASIEST language in the world. Easier than Esperanto and Ido.

What do you?

Is it worth it to learn?

26-06-07, 11:57
I have never heard of Aiola and there is nothing about it in Wikipedia.

Claims that a language is easier than another always depend on what is your mother tongue and what other languages you already know. Indonesian/Malaysian is supposed to be one of the easiest language in the world, because there is almost no grammar, no difficult sounds and the alphabet is basic Latin (without accents, umlauts, cedillas or whatever). But you still have to learn the vocabulary.

Esperanto is certainly easier to learn for Eastern Europeans than for English speakers, and even more difficult for, say a Japanese.

A Latino-Germanic simplified language would be easiest for English speakers, then other Western Europeans.

However I do not see the point of learning a simplified language, as it will never been so rich, vivid and interesting as a living language spoken by people who shape our world, and coin new terms adapted to our constantly changing world. That is why English is surely the most interesting language to know these days. In comparison, other languages in the world look almost dead...

27-06-07, 15:15
never heard of Aiola, also.

interesting facts, Maciamo, especially about Malaysian language

15-07-07, 20:05
Yeah I've never heard of it either. Is Indonesian really the easiest?
I heard that Afrikaans was the easiest for English speakers:D