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22-07-07, 02:26
Is having a language full of characters BETTER than languages full of Alphabets?

NO! Character based Languages(Like Chinese):

* Solve some difficulties with reading and writing

* Are made simple with few rules of writing

* Can increase you memory and you ability to learn other languages

Also, what would we do when we run out of ways to write new words and abbreviations with alphabets?

I mean we have from A to Z but what if we run out of combinations to make new words???

That is why we need a character based language.

I am trying to make a character language like Chinese but it will be WAY easier for EVERYONE to learn. There will not be characters with a million dots and lines. Also this language will not be tonal


So what do you think????

**This project has just started so it might be awhile before it is complete**

22-07-07, 19:52
I am not sure why you post this here while we have a Chinese Language section (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=145) in the China Forum. I believe this has already been discussed there before.