View Full Version : New members. Please Read!

28-08-07, 17:19
Some new members might have noticed that when they have joined and posted threads or posts, that the threads or posts have not shown up. The reason for this this is that the forum is currently having a lot of idiot spammers showing up and posting rubbish. In order to combat this all posts and threads have to be approved by a member of staff before being able to be seen by all regular members. Do not worry, your posts or threads are not lost, just awaiting approval.:-) This only affects new members, not regular members. As there is normally a staff member who checks in everyday there shouldn't be too much of a wait until your thread/post shows up.
I'm sure a lot of your are here just to post and make friends, unfortuantely there are the idiot few that like to ruin for others. For any other enquirys please PM me. Thanks