View Full Version : Favourite international news channel ?

22-09-07, 14:59
What is your favourite international news channel broadcasted in Europe ?

I watch several channels, but Euronews is my all time favourite so far.

Elizabeth van Kampen
22-10-07, 13:28
Every evening I watch BBC 1 and TV5 Monde. I like them both.

23-10-07, 11:20
Well, they are not "news channel" per se, but whatever. TV5 broadcast news from various Francophone channels, including those of RTBF (Belgium), TSR (Switzerland) and France 2.

01-07-08, 14:09
Since I don't have International TV channel on my TV, I don't watch any...but if I can, the BBC News would be my choice ^^
It's good for someone who trying to world situation...*like me*

07-08-08, 06:11
Sometimes I watch the BBC World News. While in New York I was interviewed by the BBC. I was annoyed, but in the end I thought it was cool. I talked into a micrphone while she held a recorder in her hand. I didn't think she would use my interview, but I checked on the internet and there's my voice. I'd say what the interview was about, but I don't want anyone to listen to it. Let's just say I wasn't ready for it! :)

12-11-08, 14:32
I have been watching the BBC for about 15 years now, but I am getting tired of their presentation, which hasn't evolved much over time. Euronews is my favourite, followed by France24 (and LCI, but that's only in French).

29-11-08, 02:09
I watch France 24 and CNN like every day when I do my cardio exercises at home.

Rastko Pocesta
29-04-11, 02:00
Al Jazeera English.

15-10-14, 17:27
BBC is the best.