View Full Version : Iran cracks down on "decadent" Western influence

12-11-07, 23:21
BBC News : Iran launches anti-vice crackdown (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7091272.stm)

Iranian newspapers have printed a list of moral vices that the police are targeting, including wearing make-up and hats instead of headscarves.

The police say they will also suppress "decadent" films, drugs and alcohol.

This year has seen one of the most ferocious crackdowns on un-Islamic behaviour and improper Islamic dress by the authorities for at least a decade.
Wearing boots instead of full length trousers will not be tolerated, nor will hats instead of headscarves.

Too bad for them. If they like to create a prison for themselves in their own country, that's their problem. I really don't see how this is going to make life better for Iranians. I suppose that they will only be driving out the wealthier, "free-thinking" part of the population towards Western countries with such policies.

19-11-07, 16:54
I don’t think regimes like this are overly concerned with the well being of their citizens, at least not their economic well being but certainly their moral well being. I think they use Religion to control the populace and the poorer a Nation the more religious.

Where does Iran stand on emigration? If the people are free to leave well at least they have a choice.