View Full Version : The democracy "à la Putin"

02-01-08, 12:01
After the first congratulations to Julia Timoshenko on the occasion of her election as the head of the government, the western politicians start to wait for the Kremlin`s reaction with anxiety. The democracy "à la Putin" is based on the imperial principles, the total control over the processes both in a civil society and in economy not only in their own country. Inherently, Russia can not permit itself to treat quietly any changes, not planned by it in the neighbouring states.
The expectation is delayed and this causes anxieties. Some observers predict that Moscow, this time, will not limit itself to rough manipulations with problems linked with the Western Europe's energy security. Since origin times of "the Third Rome", the Russian power aims at creating the convincing images of external enemies to distract attention of own people from essential internal problems. Putin has already accused the USA of attempted split of Ukraine, and the Russian special services have received quite clear signal for stirring up of activity against a predicted direction of reforms and European integration of the newly elected Ukrainian government.
Comments of the representatives of democratically disposed Russian intellectuals, made for the western news agencies concerning the results of the elections in the State Duma of Russia, confirm the justice of statements about the aggressive style of the work of Western Europe's special services subordinated to the Kremlin. The Arthur-Henry Stern's identification (the owner of the legal company located in German, Hamburg) by one of the unnamed interviewers became the real sensation. He is identified as the former Soviet dissident Kileev Sergey Gennadievich, the ex-editor of "the Slavic independent Russian edition in Ukraine", who has received a political asylum in Germany. Stern (or Schtern according to other sources) is accused of participation in provocative activity of KGB against dissenters. Characteristically, that in Germany he is one of the leaders of the non-traditional religious centre "Neopagan religion of Reason". This structure continues to propagandize principles of a proimperial politics of Russia concerning the neighbouring countries. In particular, Kiev is considered by adherents of this Center only "as a capital of one of the Russian provinces". The position of "neopagans" ostensibly contradicts V.Putin's categorical official statement about the refusal of Russia's territorial claims on a part of Ukraine. But, there are also A.Dugin's (Kremlin's polittechnologist) geopolitical works, defining the construction strategy of the newest Russian empire for many years forward, which continue to be implemented. It is possible to assert with confidence, that in this process V.Putin features a main role to secret activity. The flywheel of this large machine is already launched. Stirring up of the organizations similar to Stern's one, their accurately coordinated actions in unison with policy statements of the president of the Russian Federation convincingly evidence about the preparation of the large-scale information attack directed on discrediting both the "orange" revolution's ideas and its leaders.
The power in Moscow at all levels is inspired by spirit of domination of special services. And nowadays there is a community of KGB employees of the USSR "brotherly" republics, the fortress of which is still not subject to time. It is not occasionally that when "emerge" the facts about corruption acts of some former heads of the Ukrainian special services; they hasten to take shelter from the justice in Russia.
Results of the Ukrainian people's will have given another chance for the Ukrainian democracy. Victor Yushchenko and Julia Timoshenko, certainly, will try to avoid the repetition of the previous mistakes. But, now they should constantly remember not only about possible increase of the prices for the Russian energy resources, but also that the real friends of Moscow are such persons like Vladimir Satsjuk and many other members of their currently acting "command" knowing on practice how correctly to use "the sterns".