View Full Version : Nine months later, Leterme I is born

20-03-08, 21:47
9 months after the federal elections, the new government of Belgium under PM Yves Leterme has finally been approved. Negociations were protacted until the last minute, with the designation of ministers.

The coalition balance is unusual, with more Francophone parties than Flemish ones, and 12 Francophone ministers against 10 Flemish - despite the fact that the Flemish represent 2/3 of the country's population.

The minister-president of the Francophone Community resigned from her post to join the new federal cabinet. In an unprecedented move, the minister-president of Walloon Region, Rudy Demotte, took over the presidency of the Francophone Community, thus combining for the first time both presidencies.

This may result in a move to merge the Francophone region and community, which have different competencies over a similar territory, as has been proposed recently. Such a move can only be seen as a step towards the split of the country in two parts. The Francophones are just assuring themselves that Brussels will not become part of Flanders.