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20-04-08, 21:10
Bonko is a minimalistic language with 91 root-word and 14 letters. Root words can be combined to form more complex thoughts. Bonko is a language based on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis which state "the language a person speaks determines how a person understands the world and behave in it". Bonko has simple, yet logical root words. The word "light" also means "heat" because light gives off heat. Bonko was inspired by Toki Pona.

Root Word Origins From Most (top) to least (bottom):

* Latin based (Spanish, Latin, Italian, French, Portuguese)
* Sino-Indo based (Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Hindi)
* Ido-Esperanto based

and a little of...

* Germanic based (Dutch, English, German, and Swedish)
* Toki Pona based

Compare T.P. (Toki-Pona) to Bonko

*T.P. has 120 root words; Bonko has only 91 and can express all thoughts that Toki Pona can.

*T.P. has the consonants: p, t, k, s, m, n, l, j, w; Bonko has: b, t, v, k, j (ch), l, s, n, c (sh)

*T.P. has no word for 'left' or 'right'; Bonko does.

*T.P. has no word for 5; Bonko does


02-04-10, 14:57
Are you the creator of Bonko ?