View Full Version : i propose we make a new subforum to stop the spam crud

25-04-08, 18:42
sorry new here just speculating with all the spam posts that keep coming in I think we should make a subforum that we can report the links to. i dont know if that will help its up to you

27-04-08, 21:47
There is already a report post button on each post. It is the little triangle on the same side as the username and location. Also every post and thread started by new members has to be approved by the admin or mods. Seeing that idiot spammers only post crap on their first posts everyday members do not see this only staff members, and it is dealt with accordingly.
On a side note please change your location in your profile so that it shows your proper country of residence, not Afghanistan. Mainly because it is one of the biggest giveaways that members are only here to be idiots. Thank you

09-04-10, 00:01