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23-05-08, 06:29
Hi everyone, I am planning to go to Paris this season with my cousins. Since we are a group of teenagers we would like to make this trip an economical one and would like to know the staying costs that we are going to incur from the hotels there. We would be likely wanting the place to be in a centralized location so that itfs easy to travel in the city without much trouble.

Thanks in advance!!!

06-05-09, 21:38
The best way is just to compare prices directly on hotel reservation websites.

Cambrius (The Red)
29-06-09, 19:34
I'm lucky, I belong to a college club in New York and it has reciprocal arrangements with private clubs throughout Europe, e.g., The Oxford and Cambridge University Club in London. You get nice discounts...

31-07-13, 18:21
Try find the right hotel bookhotels.allalla.com/Place/Paris.htm .They also promis cheaper prices if booking at this site.

Cambrius (The Red)
04-08-13, 21:49
Greece is rather inexpensive now-a-days. Nice place to go.

05-08-13, 16:23
Depending on how big your group of teenagers is...you can rent an apartment near the Eiffel tour for about 20 euros each per night. At least thats what my friend did :P

06-09-14, 15:39
Mrjet is good for that

29-01-15, 12:30
I am also planning to visit Paris so I want to know the good hotel package for two person.

01-02-15, 00:25
When people are visiting another country and hotel prices in the capital are very expensive, one trick you can use is to stay at a hotel in a smaller town or a suburb an hour or so away by train, where the prices are usually much cheaper. That worked for me in England.