View Full Version : Ukrainian visa issue : what's going on ?

15-07-08, 17:09
Please watch this video (http://www.euronews.net/en/article/11/07/2008/ukraine-s-visa-travails-with-the-eu/) from Euronews. I am appalled at how difficult it has become for Ukrainians to enter the EU. After all they are also European, and probably will join the EU sooner or later. Why should South Americans get visas to the EU more easily than Ukrainians ? How comes EU visas issued to Ukrainian citizens have dropped by 62% since the enlargement of the Schengen zone this year ? I believe that this requires urgent action from the EU officials concerned.

12-02-09, 20:21
Yeah... it's really not easy to enter Europe from Ukraine... but I guess it is clear.
Our boarders are less defended from immigration from Asia. There are also many people in Ukraine who tries to enter the Europe for working there illegally. Because our salary is rather low and prices inside the country are high for majority of population.
I think EU goverment protects itself in such way.