View Full Version : EU Council to get new headquarters in the Residence Palace

09-02-09, 15:36
The Residence Palace is being renovated and enlarged to accommodate the Council of the European Union in 2013.

Built between 1923 and 1927, the Residence Palace was the first apartments complex in Brussels. Luxurious, the 45,000 m2 complex had shops, banks, beauty parlours, a tennis court on the roof, a magnificent indoor swimming pool, a Turkish bath, and even its own theatre ! Its residents included diplomats, aristocrats and businessmen.

In the aftermath of WWII , the Residence Palace was purchased by the Belgian government and became an administrative centre. It has housed Brussels' international press centre since 2001.

Its strategic location at the heart of the European district, between the European Commission buildings and European Parliament was ideal as the new seat of the EU Council.

A contest was held for the design of the new wing, which was won in 2005 by Samyn & Partners (Belgium), Studio Valle Progettazioni (Italy), and Buro Happold (UK).

The European Council will move from the not-so-glamorous Justus Lipsius building (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justus_Lipsius_building) next door to what promises to be one of the most avant-guardist construction in the European capital.

Photos of the project are available here (http://www.polygon3d.be/projecten/obb.html).