View Full Version : Dutch MP held by immigration officials due to UK internal squabble

12-02-09, 17:57
Here is something that doesn't happen too often and cast shame on the British authorities : a Dutch MP being held in custody and questioned by immigration officials at Heathrow Airport after being invited by the House of Lords !

It is already outrageous to bar an EU citizen from entering another EU country, but it becomes an international scandal when it is a member of parliament on an official visit.

One could wonder if Mr Wilders' unpopularity among the Muslim community is the cause of all this. A rogue Muslim immigration officer could very well have been over-zealous. What is amazing is that even the intervention of the Dutch Ambassador is not helping. Don't foreign MP's (at least from EU member states) travel on diplomatic passports themselves ? What right do immigration officials to hold and question people with diplomatic passports - especially from a neighbouring country ?

BBC News : Banned Dutch MP held at Heathrow (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7885918.stm)